Estate Planning
People's anxiety around the topics of death and incapacity can lead to the procrastination that might account for
the fact that only about two out of every five Americans have a will.

The fact that most Americans don't have a Will is ironic. We spend our lives working hard to earn enough money
and property to make the lives of our children and spouses and other loved ones happier, wealthier, and more
secure than our own. And yet most of us fail to plan our estates—the one thing that's essential to make sure that
those we care about receive the fruits of our labor.

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A Will, a Trust, and other elements of a good estate plan help to
ensure your wishes are followed after you’re gone and to otherwise
achieve estate objectives.

Common Estate Planning Goals:
  •  Name a guardian to raise minor children
  •  Preserve your wealth
  •  Control your assets
  •  Decide who receives your wealth when you pass on
  •  Provide ease of management
  •  Minimize taxes
  •  Minimize legal fees
  •  Avoid probate
  •  Keep matters private

Common Estate Planning Tools:
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